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Prominent, distinct and bold, Black Tusk
is the most iconic mountain peak in
British Columbia’s Garibaldi Mountain Range.
BlackTusk Group is a Toronto-based real estate asset management firm. We invest in urban-focused commercial real estate across the GTA, helping our clients participate in
the growth and progression of one of the fastest growing and most livable cities in
North America.
What Makes BlackTusk Different
Experience & Expertise

Through a combined 15 years of experience in the commercial real estate sector, we leverage the knowledge and capabilities developed through working with the largest and most sophisticated real estate investors and operators in the country, to successfully assess and execute on compelling investment opportunities.

Focused, yet agile investment strategy

Strategically focused on the “mid-market” of the commercial real estate sector, BlackTusk strives to execute on targeted investment theses, while maintaining the agility to pursue a variety of strategies, should unique opportunities arise.

Creative &
Entrepreneurial Approach

Focused not only on the now, but looking to the trends of the future, BlackTusk takes a progressive approach to investment, rooted in thorough analysis, research, and fundamentals. We search out unique opportunities, which serve as the canvas for creative developments, appealing to the essence of our vibrant city.

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